General Surgery



Some Ideas about it:


General Surgery is a surgical specialty that encompases conditions of alimentary tract, hernias, thyroid, breast, skin and soft tissue..

This variety of conditions that involves seemingly different organ systems is a source of name confusion to many patients. General surgery is often mistaken for being not a specialty.

They are grouped under this specialty because of being common and being managed using standard conventional surgical equipment. 

The title given to a graduated doctor from the medical college which is in Iraq is MB ChB standing for Bachelor degree in MEDICINE and SURGERY. The title gives the graduate the right to GENERAL practice of medicine including Internal Medicine and various medical branches. As well, GENERAL practice of surgery is granted to the graduate including the specialty of General Surgery and other specialties. 

So As the Internal Medicine is a specialty among other ones, the General Surgery is likewise.




Safety First


First Do Not Harm:


The principle of medical practice relies on the concept of "First, Do not harm" or "Safety first" as proposed by Hippocrates, the father of Medicine.