The conditions to be addressed include: alimentary tract, abdominal wall and hernias, thyroid diseases, breast complaints, those related to skin and soft tissue.



      Management plan is contemplated according to the condition ranging from conservative approach, minor surgical intervention using local anesthesia, to major operation under general anesthetic.


Preoperative Care

For conditions requiring surgery, medical history and chronic conditions are to be optimized to allow for smooth operation with minimal consequences. Anesthesiologists are involved in major ones.



Details are explained starting from the condition description, procedure steps, why the operation is needed, what to expect when it is refused, delayed and so as well as consequences per case.


Postoperative Care

Following up the condition after treatment whether expectant or operative is done addressing resolution, recovery and sequelae. 


Medical Info

Under Hippocratic Law which doctors have sworn and pledged to apply in their practice, the medical info of the patient is his/her own property. In our clinic, these information are saved digitally in a secure server ready to be released to the patient whenever he/she wants and when consulting other doctors when they are willing.


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